Preschool And Daycare Software


“Vrtic” aims to be the simplest yet most powerful suite of tools which aims to help small educational businesses to keep the gears running with ease.

Fully Secured

All of your data is stored on secure servers bundled with SSL encryption.

Clear Dashboards

Keep track of your data in a proper way! Never miss anything important.

Reports and Reminders

Ever missed a payment? Teacher is having a sick day? Keep everybody in loop.

Run Your Business like a Pro

Everybody deserves the right to have clear insights about what’s going on with their business, specifically with sensitive data such as earnings, debts, salaries, procurements and similar stuff.
  • Parents can access the platform via multiple interfaces and devices
  • Teachers have control over their classes, groups and assets
  • Owner has intel about the operations, finances and overall success

Platform Features

Find out about some of the most important features included in every package.


Both parents and teachers have the ‘Presence’ module available. It allows users to be informed about their kids’ attendance.


Kindergarten staff can check if there is any resource missing or needs to be replaced (chairs, chalk, drawing paper, etc).


Kids and Teachers have their profiles exposed to the parents. They contain most valuable data needed and provide enough data.


In case parent needs to inquire about their kid remotely, they can do so from within the application itself in many ways.

Focus on proper stuff, let us do the rest.

Get notified when your bills are due, when your teacher is having a sick day and automatically assign their replacement, inform the parents about their kids’ activities, organize your schedule effectively.

You can use the form to subscribe to any news related to the platform, promotions and information in general.

Discover plans and pricing


  • Presence
  • Kids Profiles
  • Simple Reporting
  • Teachers' Notes
  • Email Communication
  • Up to 20 kids
  • Up to 5 Employees


  • Presence
  • Kids Profiles
  • Kids & Teachers Schedules
  • Teachers' Notes W/ Media
  • In-App Communication
  • E-Mail + Live Chat Support
  • Up To 60 Kids
  • Up To 15 Employees
  • Invoice Reminders
  • Inventory
  • List Item
  • Seats Availability


  • Presence + QR Checkin/Checkout
  • Kids Profiles
  • Kids/Teachers And Meetings Schedules
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Parents - Teachers Live Chat
  • E-Mail + Live Chat Support
  • Handle Unlimited Amount Of Kids
  • Handle Unlimited Amount Of Employees
  • Billing & Invoices
  • Procurement & Inventory
  • Seats Availability And Reservations

Legendary Support

Get your ticket resolved within maximum one day time. Should you need any assistance, you can contact us at any time.